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BooksMela, the preferred India store for Indian products where you'll find the latest and greatest books at prices you can afford. brings both classic and contemporary books on India to readers worldwide. With thousands of finest products in categories ranging from Nonfiction, Medical Books, Textbooks, General Books and more, we've got whatever it is you're craving 24/7, all year long. Our product selection process is rigorous where our books are carefully researched and handpicked for inclusion in our catalogs. And that is why BooksMela.Com is now a preferred destination for discerning readers.
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We have built up an enormous customer base over the years. We have been serving the World's top notch educational institutions, art museums, botanical gardens, natural history museums and an ever growing number of individuals interested in India. 
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We ensure the integrity of every order by using SHA-2 and 2,048-bit encryption, an Internet leader in security transactions. Plus with our advanced encryption, firewall technology, and state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, you can be assured that your information will be protected from unauthorized use. You can also be assured that your confidential information will remain just that-confidential. Your name will never be distributed, sold, or rented.
Our Catalogue
With more than 1,00,000 products to choose from, we have something for every collecting or reading interest and budget from Nonfiction, Medical Books, Textbooks, General Books and more available at us. We keep on adding thousands of new products every month, so make sure and check back with us soon!
Low Prices
We offer a quality of service that is rarely seen. We offer a wide range of Indian products which help us keep the cost lowest in the industry. We do not create an illusion of sale prices, but our prices are better than the sale prices of others. We pay great attention to packing to ensure that products reach their destination in excellent condition.
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We've got a Free Shipping offer in which all our products are eligible for Free Shipping all over India on orders over INR 1500! Come explore India with us...